Straight Talk’s Samsung Finesse – A Wise Prepaid Choice

Why does adding the Samsung Finesse to Straight Talk’s prepaid phones lineup seem like the best business decision in the prepaid industry? To explain this statement, it is necessary to go deeper into the subject of what was going on in the prepaid world before this phone and what the phone itself offered to the users.

In the past, prepaid providers were focusing on low-end cell phone handsets that would support the whole idea of being affordable. They were very strict about this but as time went by in the field of prepaid plans, the situation became totally different. New and amazingly attractive and affordable prepaid plans started popping up. The Straight Talk plans, which is the company that has the Samsung Finesse, are good examples. 2020年报税

First, limited but very generous in matter of price and time available for talking: 30 dollars a month for 1000 minutes for talk, 1000 messages and 30 MB of data usage, and second everything unlimited for only 45 dollars a month. These two prepaid plans attracted so much attention from potential users but some of them could not get in peace with available low-end cell phone handsets.

In this situation, it is easy to see what the huge downside of prepaid service was at this point. The users’ need for something in between was just too big. Something that will satisfy people’s natural desire for attractive things was considerably in demand while still in position to live modest. That was exactly what this iPhone-like, touch screen phone Samsung Finesse offered to the users of Straight Talk prepaid.

For the first time, users that have affinity to this kind of nice devices were able to take the full advantage of prepaid plans that offer everything unlimited. The satisfaction was tremendous. They could pull up their new attractive high-end smartphone that they did pay around 300 dollars but they could enjoy unlimited talking and taxting that is by far more fun on the Samsung Finesse. This phone’s 3.2 inch color touch screen, a Touch Wiz interface, a virtual QWERTY keyboard as well as handwriting feature that allows actually writing on the screen instead of using the keys made it all worthwhile.

We have not even mentioned the biggest improvement brought by this phone comparing to previous prepaid handsets. First time ever, users of the prepaid phones and plans were able to browse the internet with full html browser. The Samsung Finesse made it possible for users to finally take advantage of affordable, Straight Talk’s unlimited prepaid plan. The high speed EVDO internet access and a 3G connection made browsing much faster and enjoyable, by the way, comparing to the much slower 1xRTT speeds that all previous Straight Talk handsets were running on.